Ananda presents an exquisite collection of sarees printed with handblocks and screens, created by our master designers.

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Ananda presents an exclusive collection of its woven products - master weaver specials from all over.

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Ananda presents an exquisite collection of silks
printed with handblocks and screens intricately carved and created by our master designers.

Ananda, an exclusive boutique of sarees was established in August 1974, with its primary aim being revival of the genre of the handloom sarees of Bengal, with emphasis on novel designs, colours and mainly quality. Master weavers were engaged in Phulia, the seat of the Bengali saree and Dhaniakhali to recreate old styles in new fabrics; new threads were used in warp and weft - and thereby emerged the trademark Ananda Tangail, every Bengali woman's treasured possession...


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