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Ananda, an exclusive boutique of sarees was established in August 1974, with its primary aim being revival of the genre of the handloom sarees of Bengal, with emphasis on novel designs, colours and mainly quality. Master weavers were engaged in Phulia, the seat of the Bengali saree and Dhaniakhali to recreate old styles in new fabrics; new threads were used in warp and weft - and thereby emerged the trademark Ananda Tangail, every Bengali woman's treasured possession. The revolution continued as new dimensions were given by Ananda designers who played with colours and motifs on a variety of fabrics - the exclusive Ananda silk saree was born. Today Ananda can claim to be a "one of a kind" - a treasure trove of cotton, silks, Kanjivarams, Benarasis, Chiffons, Crepe-de-chines - all crafted by its weavers and designers for the discerning customers of the world. Every woman of distinction, from politician to actress, be she Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Nargis, Hema Malini or Rakhee, has given Ananda the privilege to enhance her wardrobe with its exclusive creations. Exhibitions in the major metropolises of India have been very successful, and hometown Calcutta has always given it succour to enable it to call itself - the Ultimate in style.